Monday, 21 January 2013

Procrastination Script

To those who expect me to write here, I apologize. I am in the situation where any writing that isn't for English class is scrutinized as a waste of precious time. Gladly I made a script for this class, which I will share here!

Anton the (Esteemed) Procrastinator

          We see Anton sitting at his desk, staring at an assignment
          on his computer screen

                    This is the story of a young man
                    named Anton. Anton was extremely
                    bored and frustrated because he was
                    told to create a script with less
                    than 300 words.

                    It cannot be done! It was hard
                    enough making a short story with
                    only five hundred! What kind of
                    story could be compressed so short?

                    Well Anton why don't you get
                    creative? Isn't that what this
                    class is all about?

                    Good idea disembodied voice!

          5 hours later we see Anton playing video games, obviously

                    Hey man, weren't you getting
                    creative, or something?

                    Yeah totally, I'm getting

                    By playing call of battlefield.


                    You do understand that we have used
                    about a hundred words so far.

                    Uh huh

                    That's it, I'm changing the


                    How is this? does war inspire you

          We hear the whistling of a bomb falling, Anton runs towards
          the open window, narrowly escaping the bomb.


                    Well that didn't work, and now we
                    are down two hundred words.

                    It's kind of hopeless now, isn't

                    It wouldn't be if you had started

                    Actually, you're wrong.

                    What could you possibly mean? I
                    haven't seen you touch your
                    keyboard, or even pick up a pencil.

                    Did you ever wonder how this story
                    of us arguing came to be?

                    (sarcastically)Well, that sure
                    explains a ton! If anyone was
                    creating this it would be me.

                    Allow me to explain this with song,
                    as I ride through the most amazing

                    Oh I hate it when you do that!

          Scene ends with "word limit reached" flashing on the screen

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I use Digital

For those who don't already know I am an aspiring film maker  and for the longest time, I thought film was the only medium to get quality images. Sure digital could potentially match it, but this has happened only in recent years.

Most consumer, and professional camcorders work in the same fashion,

  1. Light goes through lens
  2. Sensor gathers information based off what it sees
  3. Processor crunches it up and spits it out as a nice readable file
  4. The camera's storage device holds the finished video clip
In the past, step 3 was essential, since hard drive space was very finite, you could only hold so much video, until you had to replace the hard drive. The problem with this is you have to let your camera think for you, it decides how your video should be processed. The reason film was better, was because it bypassed step 3. It stored all the information it saw. 

Today, the barrier of hard drive space is practically broken. A hard drive with 3 terabytes costs about $150, pretty cheap compared to purchasing film. New video cameras like the Ikonoskop A Cam work just like film cameras, except they are digital. 

To get cinematic quality tools, it will cost you less than $10 000 for the software and camera. Before I was around that level of gear could easily cost into the hundreds of thousands. 

The reason this is so amazing, is it allows the artist to take risk. If you aren't burning film, there is no harm in taking chances on new ideas. If you have the passion, the gear doesn't limit you so heavily. I am legitimately considering writing a musical in which cannibals kidnap a defenceless man, and sing about it, while he desperately attempts escape. 

I can do this because there isn't risk, if I didn't pay much to produce it, I have little to lose, and if it is a success the profit margins are wider. Who needs Hollywood when you can make stuff without?