Monday, 10 December 2012

It is Almost Christmas

Christmas is coming right around the corner. In a couple weeks I will be caught up in the festivities, but until then, I find myself lamenting anything  related to it. I wonder why so much attention is given to this particular holiday, I don't see any Thanksgiving advertisements in the month of September, or Valentines day commercial in January. Why all the advance planning? Sure, the festivities may take a few days to run their course, but isn't it just like Easter? An excuse for the family to meet?

At an earlier age I had it down to this; "Christmas is like thanksgiving, your birthday, and spring break combined, you sit around for a few weeks drinking egg nog, playing your new video games with your cousins, while not caring about anything.

Today, it seems way too obvious. The tradition of gift giving has been poisoned by the commercialization. I would totally negate it's benefits, if i weren't a jobless filmmaker, who depends on this ability to acquire a collection of amazon gift cards, so that I may have equipment. I can predict that once I get a job that allows me to purchase these things that are essential for my livelihood, I'll say "screw it, I don't need presents, half this stuff I won't use. If I go to University, however, my list would include things like food (a thing I hear many students go without).

Until Christmas break comes I will complain every time I see anything related to it. Why? Because humbug.


  1. you know its bad when shops start advertising Christmas before Halloween

  2. and why is it so hard to make a comment? they want a url, name and to make shure your not a robot about 5 times