Monday, 3 December 2012

Online Interactions

For my schooling, my main courses are taught through a program called "Selfdesign". Selfdesign is an online learning platform based out of Vancouver that allows me to learn independently of any annoying peers I may have. As I have stated before, most of the people who I would be in class with are either stupid, or so immature that I cannot bear their presence. Those who are the exception to this rule I will call "Intelligent Human Beings". This is merely the term I will be using, and is not meant to demean any of the other students.

My early life was not really that bad, to say that it wasn't absolutely unpleasant is untrue. Most of the time I would be stuck in a class I hardly cared about, lamenting the work. But in grade 9, I had the extreme pleasure of using these online tools for the first time.

What I originally expected, and what I continue to expect  from these online learning tools, is a way in which I can get these classes off my back in the most painless way possible. The developers clearly had a totally different idea. The site is hardly intuitive or user friendly, unless you come from the 90s. Some modules don't even work in Google Chrome, the most widely used browser today. It seems to be optimized for Internet Explorer, which "Intelligent Human Beings" never use.

Usability aside, the thing I most despise is; the encouragement of student interaction. Being socially active is a great way to not become an insanely deprived psychopath , but this is ludicrous. I signed up for these courses so I wouldn't have to interact with people, and I could hang out with "Intelligent Human Beings" in my own time. 

I don't even know these people! I only know what they look like on the off chance they uploaded a proper profile picture. It is really hard to gauge someone on their written work, especially when they are minors. Finding "Intelligent Human Beings" is like needles in a hay stack. 

"No I don't want to read your stupid short story, I have read a couple from other students, and silently wept about the fate of our species for a whole hour. Go Away!"

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