Friday, 21 December 2012

Sucking out the creativity

Recently I did an online assignment where I was forced to gut a poem of all it's meaning, then stitch in my own words. This goes against so many of my moral codes as an artist. Although I do enjoy watching a parody now and again, this took it to the extreme.

I don't like it, it felt like plagiarism. It's like a colouring book, no matter how creative you are your work either ends up, pretty much the same, or you get shot down with bad marks. Why isn't the art form of writing taken seriously enough? I'm pretty sure that my friends who frequent the art room would be annoyed to have to paint over a colouring book.

If you change the words a bit, you cam become Shakespeare.

Since I thought it was funny, here is the poem made:

How do you do?
No, I don't play basketball
No, not rugby either
No, I am not a full time ceiling painter
No, I didn't grow 50 centimetres this year
Yeah, my hair and height do make me resemble Andre the Giant in a way
Actually this helmet is for cycling, not in case of low doorways
What do I want to be?
A filmmaker, or maybe a screenwriter
I understand, they do make plenty of money in sports
Actually the air is really good up here, very fresh
My height? Around two meters, about 199 centimetres, last I checked
What? Why would you need to know how many feet? We live in Canada
Fine, Six feet and a half
Wow, your cousin's son is a few inches shorter than me? That's nice
No, I don't buy my shoes on the internet
No, buying a car isn't too difficult
What's the trick? Maybe it's the well water

This is a blatant rip off of Sure you can ask me a Personal Question by Diane  Burns. I hate copying.When people ask me if I want to become the next Spielberg, my response is no. Spielberg already exists, people spend money to see his films, they already have him. If all films were Spielberg films, they would get boring fast. I would rather become the first Anton Seaman. The boy who directed blockbusters out of highschool. That obviously won't happen, but my films will certainly stand out because they are mine.

It is weird how unoriginality can be encouraged in an English class. At least they aren't teaching me how to set up a blog, I obviously know that already,I learned it myself, and upload original material I solely created.

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