Monday, 26 November 2012

The Curious Case of the Disappearing Binder

In my home, no matter where you put things, they have the strange ability to teleport to some random place within the household. I am writing about this specifically because of what took place this morning. When I looked for my binder which contained vital school materials and assignments, it was no where to be seen. Like most sane people I panicked. That binder contained very important objects, objects that would make impressions on important people, that could affect my entire life.
The recession is likely the result of losing your binders.
I  furiously searched the house leaving few stones unturned. What had happened to my sacred binder? Had some mysterious force of nature decided to rob me of my important documents? If so, for what reason? My first reasonable theory to this disappearance, was that it had accidently been moved by some member of the household. This seemed impossible, as I hadn't found it anywhere else, and it isn't that hard to spot.
Can you spot the binders? If not, your mental ability is questionable.

Another conclusion I could have drawn was that it was a ghost, but such phenomenon is more logically explained by air currents, which I doubt were responsible either. It is a mystery where the binder has gone. Had it traveled to the United States to get dating advice from Mitt Romney? I hear he has many binders full of women.
The office supplys ultimate wing-man
Will I ever find my binder? I hope so, it is certainly important for my school. Until then, I will drill my family members for information on its whereabouts, and relentlessly complain. 

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